Harmonica Dunn – Best of 2013

Every year I like to share my list of favorite songs. On this list, you will find a band that you have never heard of. Maybe you’ll find fifteen bands you have never heard of. The goal of the list is to open your ears to new, upcoming music, that one day you will know about. This list is for the person seeking new and exciting things. Not sitting waiting to be told what they should or should not listen to. Sure, I admit, I’m here telling you that this is the music you should know, but it’s up to you to decide.

There is never an order to my list, just a general flow of how I enjoy listening to the songs. Every single artist listed here is someone I have worked with or will be working with in the near future. They are playing the smaller clubs in Chicago and they will continue to grow as the years come.  I hope you enjoy, and feel free to spread the love on your social media…


Harmonica Dunn – Best Of 2013 – Stream In SPOTIFY or Watch:

Luke Winslow-King – The Coming Tide 

The Howlin’ Brothers – Dixie Fried

Chicago Farmer – Everybody in This Town

Have Gun, Will Travel – Standing at the End of the World

Go Long Mule – Robin & the Willow

Tristen – No One’s Gonna Know

Moon Taxi – Young Journey

Humming House – Cold Chicago

Young Hines – Lost in the Mix

The O’My’s – Cough Drop

Alanna Royale – Animal

Toy Soldiers – Tell the Teller

Hollis Brown – Ride On the Train

Escondido – Black Roses

Roadkill Ghost Choir – Beggars’ Guild 

Martin Van Ruin – Give Me Flowers / Someone Tried To Warn Me