DunnDay Monday – How can Chicago musicians get paid more money?

Well we have done it everyone. We made it through 2014 and are now entering another wonderful year of life, art and THANKYOUHDChicago music. Harmonica Dunn booked 475 concerts in Chicago through out the past year and that number always blows my mind when I recap my year. Considering that most concerts consist of 2-4 bands per night, equalling a range of 1400 – 1800 bands to communicate to, that is a whole lot of time and emails. I’d like to thank every singe one of you for working with me at Tonic Room, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen, FitzGerald’s, Uncommon Ground, Schubas, SPACE and The Hideout.

It’s Time To Change The Chicago Venue / Artist Relationship In 2015

If you have worked with me in the past, there is one thing I try hard to reiterate – I am going to give you the best deal possible from every single club I work for. This is not a lie. I always have, and always will put the artist first. When I first started booking Tonic Room in Lincoln Park, we came up with the most artist friendly offer to Chicago musicians: Bring 100 people paid through the door, make 100% of the door. For those artists that have taken their shows seriously, and promoted properly, they saw how easy it was to bring 100 people to a concert and were paid in full. Walking out with enough money to print that new vinyl record or pay for that publicist they wanted.

Now Tonic Room is a small venue (my favorite small venue) and I understand that bands have the urge to play in big rooms with bigger sound systems, bigger stages and more lights. With that, comes higher venue expenses than what smaller clubs have to cover. These expenses are put on the artists. But in 2015, we are going to change that. What we are now offering at Subterranean and Beat Kitchen are drastically lower room expenses to ensure that we are providing the musicians with the most artist-friendly deal a bigger club can offer. This is a big step towards getting artists paid and I hope to see it have a positive effect on the Chicago music scene.

So, how do you get paid more? Well it’s easy, you work with Harmonica Dunn on your concerts and see the financial gain that you will make by doing so. Some of you might be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t this just a ploy to bring Harmonica Dunn more business?” Sure, it is a way for me to generate more business, but no one else if offering you what I am offering. And remember, I am doing this for you, for me, and for the Chicago music community. We can change the way this industry works, and the only way to do that is to do it together.

Song Of The Day: “Good Old Desk” By Harry Nilsson

Happy Monday,
Donnie Biggins

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