CHICAGO: Why you should come to Dunn Dunn Fest this week

A letter from Donnie Biggins:


A few years ago, I wrote a blog post called “What the f*ck is Dunn Dunn Fest?” At that time, I really meant it. I had know idea what I was doing. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, all I knew was that I wanted to throw my own festival here in our beautiful city. I chose the middle of February, because we often find ourselves stuck inside, avoiding the snow & cold, and have the itch to get out and do something fun. I am here to provide a scratch to that itch. DONNIEDUNNDUNN

When I began promoting in Chicago, I worked hard to earn the trust of my friends, my fellow musicians, and the many venues I now work with. With that trust, I picked up some steam in the Chicago promoter scene. I am not a trust fund kid. I am not backed by anything beside my will to be fair, to treat artists with the respect they deserve and to never give up on my mission of being Chicago’s most artist-friendly concert promoter.

With this attitude in mind, I have worked year round to build the biggest Dunn Dunn Fest lineup to date. I am not a millionaire looking to ruin the landscape of our city parks for the profit of my own ego. I am a person, just like you. I am a musician, just like you. I am a venue goer, just like you. I want you, to see bands, that are just like you.

The bands playing Dunn Dunn Fest are bands that work tirelessly throughout the year to “make it,” and these bands will make it. This is your opportunity to escape the Chicago winter for 3 nights and spend $40 or less on 6 bands of your choice. All tickets vary from $10 – $18. Every lineup is bringing a high-energy party and celebration to our city. I want you to be there to welcome the bands with your voice, your energy and your ability to acknowledge when it is appropriate to let go the stress of life, relax, and just party.

So Chicago, I ask you; will you join me at Dunn Dunn Fest this year? I sure hope so. I’ll see you there.


Donnie Biggins

Full Lineups & Ticket Information:
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