Chore Boy And Brad Kemp Album Release Show

Chore Boy

Brad Kemp, Brittney Carter, CantBuyDeem, Zombie Mañana

Tonic RoomChicagoIL
Ages 21+
Doors at 8PM // Music at 8:30PM // 21+

Chore Boy & Brad Kemp Album Release Show

w/ special guests: Brittney Carter, CantBuyDeem & Zombie Mañana

Hosted by Vagabond Maurice

About Chore Boy & Brad Kemp:

Chore Boy & Brad Kemp are a rapper/producer pair, whose new album Stories You Can Tell Yourself releases June 10 on all streaming platforms. Years of collaboration and shared growth have led the duo to their current state of prowess, where Chores’ acerbic lyrical stylings are complemented expertly by Kemp’s theatrical, rich production. While prior projects have found Chores and Kemp flexing a wide array of sounds and styles, Stories is a product of patience; sonically refined & targeted in its aim - to challenge ways of thinking you probably don’t think to think about.

About Brittney Carter:

Born and raised in Chicago’s south side, Brittney Carter arrives to bring a message of hope and perseverance in her music. Finding her voice while writing in the journal her mother gave her as a child, Brittney combined her love for writing and passion for music to become the artist she is today. With an honest and genuine approach to her music, Brittney invokes a sense of humility, but also relentless confidence. Her voice and message are necessary in today’s culture.

About CantBuyDeem:

CantBuyDeem is a hip-hop artist from the south side of Chicago. The name comes from the word deme which, loosely, means population sample. Diverse creativity is the goal of his sound; not being confined to one "flow" or "style." The lyrics are a blend of unapologetic ignorance, youthful wisdom and blunt comedy. His new album Chili releases May 19 on all streaming platforms.

About Zombie Mañana:

Every morning, Zombie eats surreal for breakfast and then does his abstract workouts. Inconsistency is routine and the unknown is caffeine. No fear is the next frontier. PERSEVERE; embrace the blood, sweat, and tears. This half-band, half-dream seeks refuge from this place, this world where everything is a race. Tragedies and adversities taught me more than universities. Happiness and ecstasy comes from living with no jealousy. All it takes to be inspiring is to be inspired, and now is the time to rewire. With a head full of static, and a heart that weighs a ton, these omnifarious tunes may not be for everyone.

Poster by Loren Egeland


Venue Information:
Tonic Room
2447 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL, 60614