Kung Lao And The Scorpions
Presented By Harmonica Dunn

Kung Lao And The Scorpions

Jacob Tage, Cuckoo and the Birds

Tonic RoomChicagoIL
Ages 21+
Doors at 7:30PM // Music at 8:30PM // 21+

Harmonica Dunn Presents:

Kung Lao And The Scorpions

w/ Jacob Tage, Cuckoo and the Birds


Jake Pearson was born in the rural, Chicago suburb of Sycamore, IL. While writing and performing in bands in high school, Pearson realized his talents as a songwriter and began pursuing a professional career by deciding to study music. While in college, Pearson studied both voice and guitar and was involved in many of the school’s top performing ensembles. Pearson spent most of his free time working in the studio and writing with his alt-rock band, Good Safari. While the band is still active and performs on occasion, geography has displaced the band for the moment. However, during the four years of Mr. Pearson’s time in college, he was constantly creating and recording new songs outside of Good Safari. Those songs are what inspired Pearson to release his debut solo record “After Several Blows to the Head.”

There was an incredible sense of collaboration going on during Pearson’s time in Decatur. Whether it was for various school projects, late-night jams, or putting on house shows with other bands on campus, Pearson was there with his guitar and his voice. All of the people Pearson surrounded himself with, wrote various styles of music and had their own unique projects going on at the same time as well. The energy of the music scene evolving there was inspiring and energizing to people like Pearson. The community and creation happened so naturally that the idea for his new collaborative record didn’t exist until Pearson was out of school. Pearson explains the record saying:

“It’s a compilation of underdog songs, starting merely as a school project, we quickly saw that we were making something bigger here. Nothing is more flattering in the recording process than having musicians you respect give you their time and talent willingly. This record is drenched in the colors that bleed from these contributions. Fitting as the title “After Several Blows To The Head” suggests, it is about the things around you shaping what you become – without your control or permission. This is exactly how we produced the record. In an attempt to create organic art, bigger than what I could myself create, we brought in the best candidates available, and gave them liberty to express themselves over the music, making it more than just me, but a record of my colleagues and their artistic voices. This album is a sign of the times, and a bookmark in a journey we've all only just begun.”

The collaborative efforts of “After Several Blows to the Head” have stretched from Decatur, IL to Chicago, IL and all the way down to Nashville, TN. Jake Pearson co-wrote songs with several different people on the record, each with their own unique style and voice. Every song is a different character in the story, and Pearson found a way to utilize his colorful palette for music to compliment the writing styles of the artists he collaborated with. The record thrives on the fusion of different musical styles all contained within a contiguous, sonic journey. “After Several Blows” weaves its way through a texture of sound and dynamics that will leave any first-time listener anticipating what could possibly be next. Jake Pearson didn’t just write a solo record. He captured a period of time; a collection of thoughts, and in a way summarized his entire young adult experience. Experiences that resonate with all of us.

Venue Information:
Tonic Room
2447 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL, 60614